Everything you need to know as a camper (or parent).

25th July – 5th August 2022


Who will be there?

Up to 90 or more young people aged 12-17 from all over the UK and some from overseas; plus dedicated SEP taff and fully qualified adventure centre instructors.

Where will I stay?

In small groups in comfortable heated lodges with proper beds and shower/toilet facilities.

Do I have to be 'sporty' to enjoy it?

No; SEP tries to provide an all round experience of sporting, craft and social experiences that young people may not otherwise have opportunity to try. Inevitably in an outdoor setting many of these are physical in nature but by no means are all of the activities sporting. Over many years former campers have told us that the most valuable aspect of SEP for them was simply spending time together and making new friends.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No, campers come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are Christians, many are not. All we ask is that you respect the camp's ethos and have an open mind.

How much does it cost?

The fee for SEP 2022 will be the same as last year: £250. This includes all food, tuition and residential costs. (Some scholarship funds may be available on request.)

What are you not telling me about?

It's not always sunny in Wales in the summer!
There is plenty of local wildlife in Wales, but no 'midgies'!
The water in the sea and rivers can still be cold.
It's not for everyone – although we include some non-sporting activities in the programme, it is primarily an activity camp.

Is SEP UK licensed with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA)?

AALA licensed activity will be run by Morfa Bay Adventure Centre for 2022. For details of their AALA license please check Morfa Bay’s website at www.morfabay.com